Friday, 10 January 2014

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is a herbal tea that is also used as a uterine tonic.  It basically makes your uterus work out.  This is a great relief (I hear) for menstrual cramping.  It is also said to tone the uterus and help soften the cervix when preparing for labour.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea does not induce labour. 

 It only helps tone the large uterine muscle to make contractions work more efficiently and is said to cut down on pushing time.  I used this for my first child and only pushed for 45 minutes in total.  Not sure if that was my body naturally or a result of drinking the tea.  Either way, I am not taking chances this time!

It is suggested not to start drinking this tea until you are well into your third trimester.  Please consult your physician/midwife if you decide to try Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Now that that is all out of the way - the recipe!!

I hate tea, but I love iced tea (especially herbal tea).  I got this idea from the Passion Tea Lemonade at Starbucks.  I thought, hm, I love that, maybe I should turn this into Iced Tea Lemonade.

Red Raspberry Iced Tea Lemonade

4x Red Raspberry Tea Leaf Bags (Get them here online.  They also have them at some grocery stores)
1x Pack of Lemonade Sugar Crystals
6x Ice Cubes


  1. Brew four cups of tea as specified.  If you have tea bags, place 1 tea bag per 4 mugs. Place boiling water into mugs. Cover and let steep for 15 minutes.  
  2. Make 1 pack of Lemonade Sugar Crystals in large pitcher.  This should come out to 3 cups of lemonade.  If you choose another form of lemonade, measure out to 3 cups.
  3. After tea has steeped for appropriate amount of time, pour into pitcher with lemonade
  4. Add approx. 6 ice cubes and stir.  Refrigerate and enjoy.

I could drink this mixture all day everyday (I do right now basically!).  You can add sugar/sweetener to taste if need be.

If you find you still can't drink the herbal tea, they also sell Red Raspberry Leaf Tea pills I have heard.  I have yet to come across them though.

Have any of you tried Red Raspberry Leaf Tea or capsules?  Did you think they worked for you?  Have you even heard of them before?  Let me know!

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